5 Best Heavy Lift Drones 2017

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Due to the nature of many businesses the need for UAV’s which can lift a heavy payload of over 4.5 kg is fairly common.

Whether it’s carrying expensive camera equipment like a RED weapon or a LIDAR sensor these drones are big enough for all types of jobs.

Here are some of the heavy lift drones available in the market together with some of their benefits.


Freefly ALTA 8 UAV



A dependable ready to fly multi rotor system designed to carry loads of up to 12kgs.  The camera safely mounts top or bottom for Sky View or Ground View and the handy quick release buttons give this kit a very quick set up.  SYNAPSE flight controller allows pilots a thorough range of motion for shots.  The lightweight carbon fibre frame and 18 inch swan neck propellers all add to amazing flight times whilst carrying hefty payloads.


AZ 4K UHD Green Bee 1200


This reliable quadcopter can haul up to 20 kg.  Flight time is around 20 minutes but battery recharge time is 2-4 hours which is understandable given the weight this piece of kit can lift.  Arms are made from strong duralumin and assure stability of the drone and safety of the camera.  The arms are foldable a bonus for storage and mobility.


DJI Spreading Wings S900 Professional Hexacopter


This highly portable and powerful UAV has arms made of carbon fibre giving the craft a lighter weight of 3.3kg and longer flight times of up to 18 minutes.  The arms fold in to save space making it convenient to transport and a pick for many as a heavy lift octocopter.


Vulcan UAV Black Widow


A durable and reliable quadcopter ideal for aerial photography, surveying and inspection.  The frame is tough and solid.  The co axial X8 configuration gives good performance in wind and plenty of lift for carrying medium to heavy loads.  The Z arms give a fantastic 360 degrees view without the props getting in the way.  The arms have a quick fold mechanism for ease of transportation and storage.


Versadrones Heavy Lift Octocopter


A high performance octocopter made of carbon fibre giving a lightweight, strong and rigid structure.  Removable arms for easy storage and transport.  Boasts a payload capacity of up to 12kg.  Multiple high capacity Lithium Polymer battery packs give long flight times.  Dual controller for the camera operator and pilot giving ultimate control.   Features GPS assisted flight, automatic return to base and semi-automatic take off.  Plus you can customise your camera and not stuck with stock issued lens.

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