CAA SUA/SUSA insurance form

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We have been made aware that some policyholders are receiving an urgent email from the CAA regarding insurance requirements and asking for a form to be completed by their insurer/broker.

This email is advising that under EC regulation 785/2004 you are an aircraft operator and require the correct insurance in place for commercial purposes including but not limited to:

Article 4.1 Having insurance for your aviation-specific liability in respect of third parties (and cargo, if applicable) that includes war and terrorism cover

Article 4.2 Ensuring that insurance cover exists for each and every flight

Article 5.1 On request, to demonstrate your compliance with these insurance requirements

Article 6.3 (if applicable) having insurance of at least 19 SDRs per kg of cargo carried

Article 7.1 Having insurance per accident, for each and every aircraft, of at least 750,000 SDRs in respect of liability for third parties

We would like to confirm that our policy meets ALL these regulations and the minimum mandatory requirements.

For our ongoing customers we are dealing with the matter and you will receive the completed form very soon.

Any new policies purchased from now on will receive a completed form together with their policy documents confirming that their requirements meet the regulations. This form can be sent to the CAA instead of your insurance documentation.

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