Get Insured For Accidental Damage For Your Drone

Accidents can happen and drone damage insurance provides cover if your drone or drone equipment is damaged as a result of any accidental loss or damage which is not intended nor expected.

Damage can happen to your drone, payload and equipment whilst it is in use. Damage can also happen whilst your drone is being transported.

Drone damage insurance also extends to cover damage caused to crops and or property as a result of trespass when recovering a drone.

Accidental damage cover is included if you take out theft, loss and damage under the hull insurance section of our policy

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What we cover you for

Total loss for drone damage insurance

If your drone is totally damaged as a result of an accident or unforeseen circumstances you will be covered for the cost of replacement less any excess.

Partial loss for drone damage insurance

If your drone is damaged and can be repaired at a reasonable cost the insurers will pay for the cost of the repairs less any excess.

Making a claim if your drone  is damaged

Making a claim for drone damage

If your drone is damaged you must tell your insurer immediately.  Taking photographs of any damage may be useful and assist your claim.

Take notes of what happened and take photographs of the damage as a record

If you need to make a claim please visit the drone insurance claims page and follow the instructions.

What to do to avoid drone damage

Stringent regulations are in place and drone pilots have to meet the criteria set out by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).  But situations can happen which are beyond the control of the pilot and damage to their drone and/or equipment is unavoidable or if your drone accidentally crashes and causes damage to a third party property or injury to a person

  • Never fly your drone during inclement weather
  • Always store your drone and equipment in premises which are weather proof
  • If travelling make sure you have a good solid carry case
  • Never be negligent during drone business operations

We understand that there is still a risk involved which is why you can insure your drone for accidental damage with us.

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