Comparison of our drone insurance policies

Here’s a quick comparison of the drone insurance policies we offer and what they cover. The two main policies we currently offer are our annual policy for fully qualified commercial pilots and the flight test policy for those undertaking a flight test assessment for commercial operations.

Policy Features Full Annual Flight Test (30 days)
Public Liability – Third party property damage and bodily injury
Aviation Liability – War and allied perils to meet with EC 785/2004
Drone & Equipment Damage – Cover for theft, loss and damage to your stuff Optional Optional
No restriction on flying hours – Fly as many hours as you need
Worldwide Cover – Be insured anywhere in the world (some exclusions apply)
Reasonable Trespassers costs – When recovering your drone
Reasonable Hire Charges – When your drone’s in for repair
Reconstitution of data
Night flying
Indoor flying
Flying over water
Whilst in transit

The above table gives you a quick idea of the covers involved in each policy, but what if you want to compare drone policies with other providers on the market?

Some of the biggest differences when comparing drone insurance policies is in the policy wordings. When comparing our product to competitors on the market we suggest looking in these specific areas.

  • Liability limit – we offer some of the largest liability limits online compared to some other competitors
  • Alternative hire costs – out limit for this cover is £5,000 whereas some competitors offer a lot lower or nothing at all
  • Flying over water – covered as standard on our policy
  • Flying at night – covered as standard compared to some which exclude this or charge extra
  • Wreck removal
  • Reconstitution of data
  • Disappearance/Flyaway – Once declared lost for 48 hours we will replace your drone. With some you could be waiting weeks!

Hopefully the above gives you a good insight in to what to look for when comparing drone insurance policies from the products we offer and even comparing against competitors products.