Can I get drone insurance before I get my PfCO permissions?


To get issued a PfCO permission or renewal you will need insurance in place and prove to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) that you meet the full EU Regulations (EC) 785/2004.

You can purchase a policy from us before you have been issued with a permission.  However one condition of a commercial drone insurance will be to have a valid Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO).

You can also get insurance from us when you are completing a course with a National Qualified Entity (NQE).  We offer a specific Flight Test Assessment cover for this.  This can also be added on to any annual policy.  Any Flight Test premiums paid will be deducted off any annual policy you take out with us.

Once you have completed the NQE course and are ready to submit your application to the Civil Aviation Authority you will need insurance in place before the CAA will grant permissions.

At this stage you will be able to purchase an annual policy from us. Once your permissions are granted you will be able to fly for commercial reasons and be fully insured.

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