What level of public liability do I need?


This is one of the most common questions we get asked and one of the best answers we can give is as much as you can afford.

The minimum required by law is 750,000 Special Drawing Rights.

The minimum limit we offer is £1m.  This meets the requirements of the law but you may want to consider a higher limit.

It all depends on the types of exposures you will have for the jobs you are doing.  What we mean by this is you need to decide how much a potential claim could be if the worst happened.

Ask yourself where you will be flying, is it out in the sticks or near congested areas?

Ask yourself what’s the worst that could happen and how much a compensation claim could total up to.

As we said earlier it’s hard to put a figure on it so the more you can afford the better protected you will be.

Some clients you have may request certain limits of liability.  Well established companies and local authorities have been known to request limits of at least £5m with some asking for a minimum of £10m.

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