Flight Test Assessment Insurance Policy

Our flight test assessment insurance policy is suitable for covering you when you are looking to obtain your qualification and need some insurance in place for the Flight Test section of your exams.


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The flight test insurance policy we provide will cover you for two main sections:

Liability Only

£1,000,000 of liability including war and allied perils.

This is mandatory insurance cover which you need to complete your flight test assessment and is included as standard on our policy.

This will cover you for third party claims against property and bodily injury caused by the operator named on the policy.

Cover includes aviation war risks as required for commercial operations and the limit is sufficient to meet the minimum insurance requirements needed to meet all the regulations.

Drone Damage

Extend the policy further to include any damage caused to your UAV during the test.  As we offer a flexible approach you can select the limit you need from £500 to £2,500 so you are not over insuring.

We are the only* insurer out there offering flight test assessment insurance with the flexibility to choose your cover.  Other insurers are only offering a set limit for drone damage which may be excessively high for what you need, why pay for something you don’t need?

*as at September 2017


If you purchase any flight test assessment insurance policy from us and then come back to us and purchase an annual drone insurance policy from us, we will deduct the cost of the flight test policy you paid off the price of the annual policy so you would be covered for FREE.

Who is this for?

We offer insurance cover to operators who are completing a qualification from the list of approved National Qualified Entities (NQE) as issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Once you have completed your ground school and are ready for your flight test, our flight test assessment policy is quick to purchase online where you will receive confirmation of cover and your policy documentation instantly.

All our policies meet the EU regulation (EC)785/2004 and are fully compliant with all SUA commercial operations; after all you will be insured by one of the biggest insurers of general aviation in the world.


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Can you cover flights tests on any annual policy?

Yes, we can.  If you are happy to go with an annual policy we can provide cover at the same limits on our Flight Test Assessment Insurance Policy.  However, if you are starting off on your own it may be financially easier to start with our Flight Test option and then upgrade to an annual policy once completed and you are ready to send off your PfCO permissions application to the CAA.

If you need to start adding additional operators who are flying under your businesses operations manual we can provide coverage to any named operators completing a flight test exam under the same conditions as our flight test assessment policy, that’s £1,000,000 liability and a maximum of £2,500 drone damage.  Once they have a full qualification accepted from the CAA they will then be fully insured to operate commercially.

Ready to apply for PfCO? Check out our annual policies.

Once you have passed your ground school, passed your flight test assessment, completed your operations manual and are ready to apply for your PfCO permissions from the CAA you will need proof of insurance to send along with your application.

Our annual policies can cover you for the below, read more here

Liability only cover

Choose from £1m, £2m, £5m or £10m – Higher limits are available on referral

Liability will protect you from any claims against third party property damage and third party bodily injury and extends to include aviation war and allied perils.

Drone/Equipment Theft, Loss & Damage

Extend cover to include accidental damage to your drones and equipment.

  • Full cover whilst in flight
  • Theft from locked unattended vehicles
  • Cover for flood and storm

Additional cover options


  • Trespassers cost
  • Equipment Hire costs whilst your drone is being repaired


  • Include cover for worldwide territories excluding some countries (excluded countries list)
  • Aerial application such as crop spraying
  • Carriage of cargo

Industries we cover