Drone Insurance For The Construction Industry

Drones are fast becoming an integral part within the construction industry and we are seeing more quote requests coming through.  We understand the risks that construction businesses have and with the evolution of UAVs the risks that are emerging.  In many cases, drones have greatly reduced the cost of different aspects of the construction process.

DRONE GUARD offers comprehensive drone insurance policies for the construction industry.  This is aimed at all construction businesses deploying Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) at any stage of the project.

How UAVs are used in construction

In the construction industry, drones play an important role in different phases of a project starting with the site preparation to completion.  Some of the more common applications include the following: monitoring sites to ensure safety, surveying land, inspection of hard to reach areas, capturing an aerial view of projects during and after construction, mapping and 3D modelling.

With new technologies comes new risks and we are here to ensure you have the right cover in place to complement your construction business.


What insurance do construction companies need?

What insurance do construction companies need?

Public liability insurance is very important cover for any construction business.  It is now mandatory to have public liability insurance for drone use so your business is protected if someone is injured or if some of their property is damaged.  DRONE GUARD's liability limits start at £1m for construction drone users and we can quote for up to £10m using our online quote system.  If your construction company requires a higher limit we can do this on referral.

UAV drone damage

Drone damage can be added on to your policy to help protect you against any crashes you have on a construction site. Our policy can cover you for accidental damage, accidental loss and theft from locked vehicles and locked premises.

We also cover for reinstatement of data and reasonable hire charges

Trespass extension

If you were to retrieve your drone after a crash which wasn’t on your construction site our policy will cover you for any damages you make when retrieving your drone

Our policy provides fantastic drone insurance cover for construction businesses that are benefiting from the use of drones

Examples of drone claims in the construction industry

Collision with a bird – While surveying a construction project a fixed wing drone collides with a bird mid-flight and plummets to the ground.  The drone cannot be repaired and requires full replacement – Cost of claim £15,000

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