Drone Insurance For Film & Media

Drones are being used more frequently to capture some amazing aerial shots whether in the new upcoming blockbuster film or being used to make documentaries and award winning TV series.

With this comes the risk not to the public with injury but also the drone equipment and payloads considering the expense of some camera used to film.

Here at DRONE GUARD we can help you create the perfect policy for your needs so you won't need to worry about the risk of your Alexa RED falling from the sky when attached to your UAV.


Liability insurance for film and media

Our policy provides public liability specifically for drone operations which are usually excluded from many other film & meda insurance liability policies.

Our policy specifically cover for aviation liabilities as an add on to our public liability section.  If you are operating a UAV commercially (i.e. you are receiving payment) then you will need to have this cover in place under the EU regulation (EC) 785/2004.

Public liability insurance will protect you from any potential third party claims for damage to property and bodily injury caused as a direct result of activities carried out when filming with a drone.

If you incur any additional legal costs as a result of a claim and your business is liable then you will be covered.

Drone hull insurance for the film and media sector

Whilst it is not compulsory to have drone damage cover it is recommend that you have this cover in place.   With the cost of some cameras in the market such as the Alexa mini and RED weapon this can be expensive to lose in one hit.  You can get it insured through us giving you peace of mind when flying and filming.

Looking to take advantage of multiple angle shots and have more than one drone to insure.  Don't worry, we are able to provide quotes for a fleet of drones.

Hull insurance also includes accidental damage, theft and reconstitution of data and reasonable costs for drone hire whilst being repaired.  This means if your drone was damaged and the data is irretrievable, the cost of hiring a drone is covered enabling you to do complete your project whilst your drone is out of action.

Why should I purchase drone liability insurance?

Drone liability insurance is mandatory in the UK and needs to be compliant with (EC) 785/2004 and the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

You can opt for a liability only policy which is compulsory but if you purchase the optional covers we are able to offer better discounts.

Our drone insurance policy is flexible to meet the needs of the film and media industry as well as being underwritten by one of the leading aviation insurers in the world, Starr International (Europe) Limited.

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Extra covers

Drone Spares and Equipment Cover

Extending cover to include drone spares and equipment;   such as additional batteries would give your film set complete peace of mind in the event of a claim.

Payload Cover

The payload is the equipment the drone is carrying.  You may only use a the standard camera attached which came with your manufactured drone or you could use an aftermarket camera.  If you have the ability for detachable payloads we are able to insure a wide range of them to suit your needs.

Worldwide Cover

Worldwide cover is available as an optional extra should your be filming abroad somewhere.  Some countries are excluded as standard so please check these out.

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