Drone Insurance for Photographers

Aerial photography has become a much sought-after alternative to regular photography and in many cases, is used to complement pictures taken from the ground.

If you operate a drone during the course of your work as a photographer it is compulsory to have public liability insurance under EU regulations.

Our policy provides public liability specifically for drone operations which are usually excluded from many other insurance liability policies.

Public liability insurance will protect you from any potential third party claims for damage to property and bodily injury caused as a direct result of activities carried out by your business during drone operations.

It will also cover any additional legal costs incurred against your business if it is at fault.

Do you really need insurance for aerial photography?

Absolutely, if you are operating a drone for commercial photography you need public liability insurance in place.  The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) won’t even issue a PfCO without proof of insurance in place.

Drones can truly create some great photography, but the risks that come with them are too significant to ignore.

During a shoot, your drone might hit an animal, person, another drone, an object or a building, causing significant damage or injury to other people or property.  Even when you find yourself operating your drone in a remote or rural location, it is possible for an accident to happen.


What insurance can I get for drone photography?

Drone public liability

Public liability is the compulsory cover but you will be able to add some additional cover to your policy to make it stand out like your photos

Drone damage

We can cover you for theft, loss or accidental damage to your drone and payloads whether you are using your standard attached camera and gimbal or a high spec DSLR

Equipment damage

We can also cover you for the theft, loss or damage of associated equipment you use with your drone

Worldwide cover

Do you visit abroad regularly for any photograph shoots?  Extend your cover to worldwide destinations stated in your policy.  Some exclusions may apply, read the FAQ's to find out more.

Depending on the extent of coverage you would like to purchase, we can insure your drone in many countries throughout the world.  There are some restrictions which will apply and can be seen in our FAQ.  If you do visit an excluded country please call us to see if we can include cover for you.

Our drone insurance policies will cover a wide variety of photographers including wedding photographers, sports photographers and events photographers.


Drone claim examples we see for photographers

  1. You drone clips a rock face whilst taking photographs of some coastal views and falls down the rocks into the sea requiring complete replacement – Total value of claim £2,500

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