Drone Insurance for Search & Rescue (SAR) Teams

Whether searching from land or sea, drones are becoming an important part of search and rescue missions for all types of teams.  The use of a drone to look for a missing person is useful as they are able to cover a vast majority of land in very little time.

With the advancement of technology this is becoming easier to do even at night time with the help of thermal imaging cameras.  Live streaming of the drone footage helps multiple people see and keep a look out all at the same time.

We can help you obtain the correct drone insurance if you are using your drone for a search and rescue missions.

Uses for Search and Rescue (SAR)

Search and rescue missions are completed by various emergency services teams including police departments, fire departments and now even the coastguard.

Using drones increases the safety for the search and rescue team.  Imagine having to look somewhere dangerous such as a rock cliff face, using a UAV this can be done safe and quick or looking close to fires or other life threatening dangers.

With these risks it is best to get peace of mind that you have the correct cover in place so you are meeting all the regulations during your flights.

Our policy is specifically designed for UAV operators so we know the risks involved in flying, because of this we cover all eventualities unlike some insurers who may not.

Within our policy we offer two core covers:

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance for search and rescue drone operators is easily obtainable and will cover you for any damages you cause to third party property.  This could include buildings and cars as an example.

This will also cover you for any bodily injury you may cause to third parties that are not part of your operation.  Imagine losing control of your drone during a search and rescue mission and causing an injury to an innocent member of the public.  If this happens you would be covered under our policy for any claims against you as an operator.

Theft, Loss & Damage

Get insurance when doing your search and rescue missions in case you accidentally damage your equipment including your drone, any cameras or payloads, accessories and general operating items you use to fly.  This will cover you fully against accidental damage, accidental loss, theft of your drone, while in transit, from storm and flood and from flyaways.

Within in this we can also include cover for all your equipment.  Dependant on which make and model of drone you are using will depend on the type of cover.  We can cover you for camera which are permanently fixed and form part of a drone.  We can insure you for any detachable payloads if you use multiple cameras, whether it’s a video or thermal camera.  We will also cover you for any related equipment including transmitters, ground station or computers as long as they form part of your flight equipment.

Get extended to operate worldwide

Do you visit foreign countries to help with SAR missions regularly?

If you do we can extend your cover so you will be covered for flying is other countries.

If you intend to fly in other countries you will need to have the permission from the local aviation authority to do so.  Please make sure you are flying within the rules and regulations and have all the correct permissions in place before your flight commences.

Some excluded countries do apply,  please read the FAQ's to find out more.

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If you have any questions you can talk to one of our drone insurance experts to help guide you through the different options available to see what is best for you.

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