Drone Insurance Policy for Wedding Photography

DRONE GUARD is happy to offer comprehensive insurance policies that cover all the needs of wedding photographers who use drones as part of their wedding photography package.  Drones are complicated and expensive but they help wedding photographers to capture a unique take on their client’s special day.  The aerial perspective allowed by drones make it easy for photographers to make their special day more memorable.

To ensure a quality service, however; wedding photographers need to protect their photography equipment from all kinds of dangerous elements.  With the insurance cover we provide here at DRONE GUARD, you can focus on capturing the perfect shots for the couple safe in the knowledge that your drone and any attached components are properly covered by insurance in the event of damage or loss during the course of a shoot.

Regardless of the size of the wedding, location or duration, you can be certain that we will provide you with a comprehensive insurance policy for your wedding photography drones.  We provide worldwide cover so it doesn’t matter where your next big project will take you.  Give us a call today on 0207 112 8140 to discuss your wedding photography drone insurance needs right away.

The importance of drone insurance for wedding photography professionals

The investment in drones can be one of the biggest you will make as a wedding photography professional.  The importance of finding a suitable insurance policy to safeguard this investment and your business, cannot be over emphasised.  During the event, an accident may occur. Your drone could hit trees, buildings or even birds potentially causing extensive damage that you will be liable to pay.

If the drone malfunctioned it could fall on to a guest, leading to bodily injuries.  UAV operators are required to be qualified by law but qualifications don’t always fully prepare you for the variables that may not only mar the events of the day but also lead to exorbitant costs for your business.  Even when the immediate environment above the wedding venue is clear of any obstacles that can damage your drone, radio signal interference could be all it takes to send your drone crashing down.

With DRONE GUARD's help, you can be certain that you are fully protected regardless of what happens on the day.


What will drone insurance for wedding photographers cover?

The final details of the insurance coverage will be dependent on the options you have chosen to go with.  The options available include:

  • Loss of or Damage to the Drone (includes theft, accidental damage and cover in flight)
  • Drone spares and equipment coverage which covers all drone spares and other equipment
  • Damage to the payload which covers cameras attached to the drone
  • Reasonable hire charges and data reconstitution – this covers the cost of hiring in equipment should a loss occur and costs to replace lost data while your drone is being repaired
  • Public liability – covers damage to property or third party injury
  • Extension of coverage to include war and allied perils liability

This will ensure that your business is protected against claims arising from the use of your drones during your wedding photography operations at all times.  To find out exactly how we will protect you, give us a call here at DRONE GUARD on 0207 112 8140.

Why choose DRONE GUARD?

Since inception, we have provided drone insurance packages to wedding photography businesses of all sizes, including freelancers.  We are fully experienced and have in-depth knowledge of all the risks plaguing the wedding photography business.  This is why all our policies are designed with the sole aim of providing comprehensive protection for you and your business.

We are more than just drone damage, theft and loss insurers because we understand that a lot more can go wrong. Your wedding photography business may be just a claim away from a heavy loss. From damage caused to property to a personal injury inflicted on a wedding guest, there are many things that can go wrong. In addition to covering your drones and cameras against loss, accidental damage and theft, we can provide cover for your business to cover other angles you may never have thought about.


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