Third Party Liability Insurance Policy for Drones

DRONE GUARD is pleased to introduce its liability insurance policy.  This is aimed at commercial drone operators of Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA), Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or RPAs. Commercial drone pilots often begin by flying small, lower-powered UAVs when they start off in the fast-paced world of drones and can progress to larger heavy lift models.  Don't worry though as we can cover all drones.

Unfortunately, there are bound to be initial problems, and it is essential to have an insurance policy for your drone to protect you from liability costs incurred from drone accidents.  DRONE GUARD continues to provide commercial pilots with the insurance they need.  We now offer a drone liability only policy aimed at operators who are wary about the cost of managing a drone.  Being well insured guarantees that your drone business is legal and compliant.

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What is drone liability cover?

As a commercially operated drone company, you will need extra protection for your business. Based on the average number of accidents that occur on a daily basis, it is recommended that you get a liability insurance policy. The cover not only protects your drone but your business too, because some severe damages could cost you a significant amount of your businesses capital.

Buying a UAV quadcopter drone is a major investment for your business and you do not want to risk not being insured.  Liability cover absorbs the cost of damage you might inflict to third parties while using your drone.  This includes damage of property, accidents, and injury caused to another person.

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DRONEGUARD Insurance’s Liability Covers

DRONEGUARD offers you the best insurance for your business.  Having a liability drone insurance policy provides comprehensive cover for your UAV or SUA.  While you can either have liability only cover, it is advisable to get both liability and drone damage cover as a package.


What is the difference?

Liability only

Every commercial drone constitutes a public liability risk.  Whether you are using it for urban planning, agricultural pest spraying or aerial surveys, you are exposed to the risk of affecting a third-party.  DRONEGUARD helps mitigate that risk by providing protection against property damage or bodily injury costs incurred by flying your drone. This prevents your business from suffering the full financial brunt of the accident if you were to get sued.  Don’t operate your commercial drone without insurance cover as it is a legal requirement to have insurance when flying drones for commercial purposes; contact us for a liability policy today.

Drone cover and liability

Small business owners who are only just beginning their drone operations are most vulnerable to accident exposure. Having drone damage and liability insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing you are covered either way.  In addition, you are also entitled to a discount that saves you money on premiums.

This cover includes:

  • Third-party liability claims against bodily injury
  • Third-party liability claims against property damage
  • Legal claims to fight against liability claims

Enhance your policy from liability only and include full theft, loss and damage cover for all your drones and equipment.

Why choose us?

DRONE GUARD is recognised for its credibility and expertise providing compliant aviation UAV policies to the industry. We are highly experienced in providing insurance cover for commercial drone companies and all our policies are EU compliant (EC 785/2004) to meet third party liability requirements.

Our drone liability policy provides you with a full cover for your drone and incurred liabilities in case of a crash. We will cover the cost of injury, the damage to property, or any legal claims made against you by another person.

Our liability cover can be customised to include several risk exposures.  You can also buy policies for different drones depending on the ones you use and extend to further territories.  So, whether you are working locally or internationally, rest assured you will be protected.

Choose a limit from DRONE GUARD Insurance’s various liability options; £1m, £2m, £5m and £10M or higher on referral. Our policies can be bought on a yearly basis and tailored to grow with your business. You can rely on us to deliver when it matters.

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