Drone Loss Insurance During Operations

If you have an insurance policy with us you are insured for loss of your drone throughout the life of the policy.  Because the drones you have in service are an integral part of your business operations, we understand that the loss of even just one of your drones during operations can affect your business in a negative way.  This is why we provide comprehensive drone insurance that protects not just your drone during flight, but also covers a wide variety of eventualities in the event you lose your drone in transit or if it is stolen.

Contact us at DRONE GUARD today on 0207 112 8140 if you would like to purchase an effective insurance that will keep your business covered in the event of the loss of a drone.  Our services are easily accessible at competitive prices and we guarantee that our insurance policies can be tailored to best suit the unique needs of your business.

Get insured for:

Recovery of lost drones

In the event you manage to recover a lost drone and it is damaged, our insurance policy can cover the repairs. As a drone insurer, we have available a wide variety of accidental damage insurance for drones to help keep your business running smoothly regardless the circumstance.

If you lose track of one of your drones and are unable to recover it, you can immediately make a claim and we will promptly respond and provide any assistance you need to get your business back on track. You can have multiple drones covered by our drone loss insurance policy and we’ll be there to help if only one or several of your drones covered by us goes missing.

Property damage during a loss

If you lost your drone because of a fly away and are unsure where it has ended up, it may be that it has crashed into a nearby property.  In this situation our liability policy will be able to cover you for damages to third party property and injury.

We can provide you coverage for any injury or property damage caused to a third party.  This aspect of the insurance policy will also cover legal costs that you might accrue in the event a third party makes any claims against you for injury or loss they might have suffered.  Depending on the needs of your business, you can choose a limit for your insurance coverage to be as low as £1million or as high as £10m.

Also, if you prefer, we can tailor your drone loss insurance policy to also cover the operators of the drone.  This gives your employees greater protection in the event the injured third party decides to make a claim against your operators or business.

We can help you obtain the best possible drone insurance for your business.  Get a quick quote now from our reliable online quoting service or place a call to us today on 0207 112 8140.

Drone theft

If one of your drones gets lost during flight and you cannot recover it because it has been picked by an unknown party, our drone insurance policy will still keep you covered.

Comprehensive drone loss cover all around the globe

Regardless where in the world it is that you are carrying out your drone operations, DRONE GUARD can keep your business and UAVs secure as long as you sign up for our worldwide coverage.  We can tailor the drone insurance for your commercial enterprise to cover the loss of a drone in a number of regions around the world.  This cover will include city locations as well as uninhabited areas.  But there are certain locations which we will not be able to cover loss and such locations will be clearly stated within the wording of your insurance policy.

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Here at DRONE GUARD, our goal is to provide the best claims service that supports business. We believe in providing an honest and hassle-free service. If you would like to protect your business against an incident involving any of your commercial enterprise’s drones and any likelihood where you will be considered liable for a claim, do not hesitate to contact us.
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Signing for our drone insurance is easy and hassle-free and you can get a policy that covers as many of your drones as you please. We promise that when the time comes to make a claim, we’ll take care of your needs without delay and without complications.

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