Insurance For Drone Operators

At DRONE GUARD, we specialise in providing superior comprehensive insurance cover for commercial drone businesses and operators.  When covered by DRONE GUARD, you can go about your business fully confident that you are protected against a wide variety of eventualities that might negatively impact on your business.

In addition to covering your Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), our insurance policies also cover any of your businesses qualified drone operators.  By covering multiple operators, we cover your business more comprehensively against a wider variety of liabilities and crashes.

DRONE GUARD doesn’t cover just the operators that you already have on staff but we can also provide cover in the event you are looking to recruit new operators.  With our Flight Test Assessment (FTA) cover, your operators training to obtain a National Qualified Entity Qualification will be fully covered throughout the period of their flight assessment or we can add any drone operators on any annual insurance policy to include Flight Tests.

Our insurance policy can cover multiple operators as well as multiple drones operating for your firm in various locations around the world. The more drones you have in operation and the more drones you would like us to cover the more discounts we can offer when you take out one of our policies.  Get an online quote now or give us a call on 0207 112 8140 to discuss further how we can best serve you.

Types of drone operators we cover

At DRONE GUARD, we understand each commercial drone business we cover offers unique services with their own unique equipment.  This is why we offer bespoke services to our clients by offering them the option to have their insurance policy better tailored to suit their business operations.  As your drone insurers, our goal is to keep your business operations running smoothly no matter what happens.  This is why we cover a wide variety of operators of different classes of drones.

We are able to accept any operator which meets the requirements of the CAA, holding a relevant qualification or certificate under CAP 722. Currently there are a variety of qualifications which are being accepted by the CAA with most people obtaining an operator qualification through an NQE.

We can provide insurance for drone operators using a multitude of UAVs, including;

  • Fixed-Wing Drone Operators
  • Rotary-Wing Operators
  • Multi-rotor Operators
  • Co-axial Operators
  • Hybrid UAV Operators

Areas where operators covered by DRONE GUARD can operate

As drone insurers, we offer drone insurance policies that cover commercial operators who specialise in various fields.  Because we can easily tailor our policies to match the needs of your business, we can cover commercial operators specialising in industries such as agriculture, mining, construction, exploration, and many others.

Not only does DRONE GUARD cover a variety of specialised commercial fields, we also cover clients operating in various geographical locations.  No matter where in the world you are performing your drone operation, DRONE GUARD can be there all the way to ensure your business suffers no threatening hiccups.  We are here to deliver absolute peace of mind regardless where in the world your drones, operators and equipment have been deployed to.

Get drone insurance from drone insurers you can trust

DRONE GUARD Insurance has been providing superior insurance services to commercial drone businesses in this new thriving industry.  We have acquired extensive experience in the field of drone insurance and the operations of commercial businesses.  Through our in-depth knowledge, we have been able to design policies that will keep your business safe and fully operational in a wide variety of scenarios.

Our insurance policies are compliant with the EC 785/2004 regulation as mandated by the Civil Aviation Authority, UK. Get a quick online quote through our fast quote system and select or build the drone insurance policy that best suits your business. Or you can call us to make any enquiries concerning how we can best provide for your businesses insurance needs.

As long as it is comprehensive commercial drone insurance you need, DRONE GUARD is always here to deliver.

Get a quick online quote through our fast quote system and select or build the drone insurance policy
that best suits your business.

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