Public Liability Insurance Policy For Commercial Drone Operators

If you operate a commercial drone it is mandatory to have public liability insurance.  Public liability insurance protects you from any potential third party claims from property damage and bodily injury due to activities carried out by your business.

Let’s face it accidents can happen and having the right policy in place can save your business from any unforeseen claims and any financial loss due to being sued.

Our policy provides public liability specifically for commercial drone operators who have a recognised qualification and operate under a PfCO.  Under standard public liability policies aircraft use would usually be excluded.  With a dedicated policy drone operators you know you will be covered.

It will cover any additional legal costs against compensation claims if your business is at fault.

As well as public liability you will be able to build a policy to include additional coverages such as hull and equipment cover.

What is public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance protects you and your business from any potential claims from any third party due to the activities of your business.  It can cover you for claims against property damage and bodily injury.

It can also pay for legal defence costs for any claims made against you to help pay for court fees.

Public liability will cover your whole business, so if you have any additional operators that operate your drones, cover can be extended to include these pilots if they are stated on the policy.


Do I need public liability insurance for my drone?

If you are operating commercially it is compulsory to have public liability insurance in place.  Due to European regulation (EC)785/2004 the UK Civil Aviation Authority will not issue a PfCO if you cannot provide proof of insurance.

Many companies that you work for may request proof that you have public liability insurance in place and the limit they want you to have.

This will protect all the commercial operators working under you PfCO and operations manual.

Limits of public liability insurance

We are able to offer a wide selection of liability limits starting at £1m and increasing to £10m.  Any of these limits can be purchased online.  We are also able to offer higher public liability limits on referral. Please call us if you require a higher limit.

Public liability claim examples

  • You lose control of your drone and it lands on someone’s car and damages the windscreen
  • A propeller flies off and your drone plummets and damages some solar panels whilst doing a solar survey
  • A spinning propeller blade catches somebody and causes cuts and injuries

Public liability cover worldwide

You are able to extend your public liability coverage worldwide if you are planning on going abroad to do some work.

Some exclusions apply.

Does the policy extend to war and allied perils?

Our drone policy extends your public liability to include risks for war and allied perils.  If you are operating a UAV commercially then you will need to have this cover in place.

Under the EU regulation (EC) 785/2004 if you operate a commercial aircraft it is compulsory to have third party public liability cover which extends to include cover for war and terrorism risks.

Does your policy include war risks cover?

Yes our policy extends to include liability claims against any war and allied perils risks.  This meets the mandatory requirements for EU Regulation (EC) 785/2004.

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