Get Insured For Drone Theft

The sale of drones has skyrocketed recently and along with this the risk of drone theft has increased.

It is worth noting that theft of you drone cannot be insured separately but is included in our full policy if hull insurance is selected.

We can also cover all your equipment related to your drone use against theft. This can include any accessories, equipment, ground stations, tablets and more.

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What to do if your drone is stolen?

If your drone is stolen whilst it is being securely stored at your premises or in your locked vehicle you will be covered for theft under your drone insurance policy.

When you realise that you may have suffered a burglary or your drone has been stolen you will need to contact the police to report the theft.  You will be issued with a Crime Reference Number which you will need to use to process a claim.

The definition of Theft for insurance purposes means that forcible entry has been used to enter the property or vehicle.

Making a claim if your drone is stolen

If your drone has been stolen you must tell the police and your insurer immediately.  It might be useful to take photographs of any damage to your property or vehicle to prove that force has been used to enter your property or vehicle.

Processing a theft claim we will need to take some details down of what happened, items stolen, the crime reference number and a few other details that can be seen on the claims page.

If you would like to submit a claim please visit the drone insurance claims page and follow the instructions.

What you are covered for

Total loss for drone theft

If you have lost your drone as a result of theft the insurers will pay the full cost of replacement less any excess.  The replacement drone will be the same type and model or similar if the model is no longer manufactured.

If your drone is stolen and then found undamaged then the insurers will pay the cost of returning the drone to the insured.

Partial loss for drone theft

If your drone is recovered after theft but has been damaged the insurers will pay for the cost of economical repairs up to the sum insured on the policy schedule less any excess.

Drones stolen from property

Break-ins and burglary are risks businesses face on a day to day basis.  Whether you have a dedicated work place or work from home having someone break in and invade your private space or livelihood is never a nice feeling.  To top it off there are there for one reason and that is to steal your hard earned items used for your business.

If you want to protect your equipment and drones from theft then you should consider adding theft, loss and damage cover to your policy.

Theft from unattended vehicles

Having a quick look into a car and then smashing the window to grab an item to steal can happen in an instant.  We can protect you from drone theft for items which are being securely stored in a locked vehicle.

For businesses that do a lot of travel your equipment will be in your vehicle a lot more than a business working locally more.

What to do to avoid drone theft

Drones are expensive pieces of equipment and that unfortunately makes them an attractive target for thieves. Tips to avoid unnecessary disruption to your business are:

• Never leave your drone and drone equipment unattended in an unsecured location
• Always ensure that if you leave your drone it is securely locked in your vehicle or in your premises

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