Insurance for the DJI Phantom 3

The DJI phantom 3 has been one of the most successful models for DJI so far expanding in to a range of different versions providing increased features. Here at DRONEGUARD we insure a lot of phantom 3 drones which cements their popularity.

If you have a phantom 3 and are looking for insurance our insurance offers security and peace of mind, knowing that if your drone is involved in an unexpected crash or theft, you can trust us to act immediately.

Uses of the DJI Phantom 3

The strong optical quality makes it an effective surveillance device for both still and moving objects. Its applications range from photo and video projects to agriculture and security surveillance. Researchers, surveyors, directors and farmers use it to perform day-to-day activities in their various professions.

This makes the DJI Phantom a very valuable piece of equipment for business. An unexpected collision or damage to another person’s property can result in high repair/replacement costs or serious lawsuits, unless your device was insured prior to the accident.

Whatever you use your phantom 3 for we can insure you.

Easy to fly

The Phantom 3 is easy to fly and remarkably intuitive. It’s computer controlled motors perfectly balance the aircraft giving you are firm and stable flight when taking images and videos.

GPS assisted hover

The phantom 3 uses GPS and GLONASS combined to make the accuracy out of this world. This creates precision hovering and movement all the while locking onto the satellites faster

Automatic flight logs

Logging your flights has never been easier meaning you can keep track of every flight you do and all the important data including distance, times and locations.

Phantom 3 specifications

Max weight


Diagonal Size (Propellers Excluded)


Max Ascent Speed

5 m/s

Max Descent Speed

3 m/s

Max Speed

16 m/s

Max Flight Time

23 minutes

Operating Temperature Range

0° to 40°C

Satellite Positioning Systems


What insurance can I get for my DJI Phantom 3?

There are two main types of insurance we can quote you for

Public Liability

If you operate a commercial drone it is mandatory to have public liability insurance.  Public liability insurance covers you for any damage or bodily injury you cause when operating your drone.

It will cover any additional legal costs against compensation claims if your business is at fault.

You can be covered for all additional pilots and operators on your policy.

We offer a variety of limits for public liability starting at £1m

Find out more about public liability here

Drone & Equipment Cover

We can cover you for any damages you cause to your drone and offer full cover for accidental damage, accidental loss, theft, in transit and flyaways.

You can get a quote for the airframe, payloads and any equipment which you are using with your drone including tablets and ground stations.

Included in this section is cover for reconstitution of data and reasonable costs for drone hire as an added benefit.

Find out more about hull insurance and equipment insurance

Additional covers

We also offer a whole host of additional covers in our policy wording.  For a full breakdown of what we do and don’t cover please check the full policy features.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or have any questions check out the FAQ section or give us a call and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have

How do I get insurance for my phantom 3?

It is easy to get a quote for your DJI phantom drones.  You can either get a quote online using our system.  Most people are able to get a good indication of a quote within seconds and then if they are happy complete the purchase in less than 10 minutes.

Get an online quote today or call us now on 0207 112 8140 to discuss your insurance needs

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