Insurance for the SenseFly albris

The SenseFly albris is an intelligent mapping and inspection drone designed for professionals.

If you have an albris and are looking for insurance check out our specialist drone insurance products.  It is always good risk management insuring your drones and we are here to help to get you a competitive deal.

The cost of replacing an albris is on the higher end of the spectrum due to the camera attached as standard.  If you want to have a chat about the different insurance options we can offer give us a call or you can even have a quick look online to get an idea of cover and prices.

Uses of the SenseFly albris

The albris is a professional UAVdesigned for the mapping and inspection industries.  Using the triple view camera you can switch between HD and thermal view having the ability to take still images as well.

This makes it brilliant for inspecting stuff from the ground up such as buildings and bridges.  Its onboard sensors provides the operators with the right data for the best feedback.

Whatever you use your SenseFly eBee for we can insure you.  Give us a call or get an insurance quote online in less than 30 seconds.

High resolution mapping

You can create high resolution mapping in 2D and 3D with the images created using the albris.

Fully autonomous and manual

You can fly in fully autonomous mode and manual mode, you decide.  Whether you are mapping a large area or need to take manual control for a live inspection.

3 cameras in 1

The albris' camera allows you to switch between HD video, still images and thermal imaging whilst in flight, so you don't need more than one camera or drone.

SenseFly albris specifications

Max weight


Mac climb rate

7 m/s

Max Speed


Max Flight Time

22 minutes

Operating temperature

-10 to 40º C

What insurance can I get for my SenseFly albris?

There are two main types of insurance we can quote you for

Public Liability

If you operate a commercial drone it is mandatory to have public liability insurance.  Public liability insurance covers you for any damage or bodily injury you cause when operating your drone.

It will cover any additional legal costs against compensation claims if your business is at fault.

You can be covered for all additional pilots and operators on your policy.

We offer a variety of limits for public liability starting at £1m

Find out more about public liability here

Drone & Equipment Cover

We can cover you for any damages you cause to your drone and offer full cover for accidental damage, accidental loss, theft, in transit and flyaways.

You can get a quote for the airframe, payloads and any equipment which you are using with your drone including tablets and ground stations.

Included in this section is cover for reconstitution of data and reasonable costs for drone hire as an added benefit.

Find out more about hull insurance and equipment insurance

Additional covers

We also offer a whole host of additional covers in our policy wording.  For a full breakdown of what we do and don’t cover please check the full policy features.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or have any questions check out the FAQ section or give us a call and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have


How do I get insurance for my albris?

It is easy to get a quote for your senseFly drones.  You can either get a quote online using our system.  Most people are able to get a good indication of a quote within seconds and then if they are happy complete the purchase in less than 10 minutes.

Get an online quote today or call us now on 0207 112 8140 to discuss your insurance needs

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