UAV Quadcopter Drone Insurance

At DRONEGUARD, we offer drone liability cover to professional drone and licensed UAV operators. Our UAV Quadcopter Drone insurance policy offers extensive cover for one or more aircraft allowing you to add more quadcopters over the course of the policy. We provide competitive pricing, flexible policies and expert guidance.

DRONEGUARD protects not just your business but your drone, covering equipment loss and damage to both the equipment and third party property and bodily injury. You also get protection on other additional equipment that is used when piloting your drone such as, cameras, tablets, chargers, rigs etc.

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Liability insurance for quadcopters

When flying a commercial UAV, besides the risk of crashing or damaging the drone or its parts during flight, there is also the risk of accidentally damaging a property or causing injury to a person. For instance, crashing into a building that you are photographing. Our liability-only insurance policy covers any damage done to third-party properties, or people while you or any qualified listed pilot is operating your drone. Legal costs to fight against any claim arising from such damage will also be covered by the policy.

With this package, policy holders can lay claim to covers for accidental damage to people’s property, and injury to those in the environment.

Quadcopter damage and liability

Bringing the best of both worlds together, having a drone and liability insurance policy provides effective cover for your drone and protects your business if you accidentally damage a property or injure someone while operating your UAV. The drone and liability insurance package ensures protection in case of accidental damage to or loss of the drone and its components, as well as damage to a third party’s property or injury to a person, whether the drone was being operated by you or a qualified person you granted permission to operate your drone.

With this package, policy holders can lay claim to covers for accidental damages to the drone, people’s property, and injury to people working, living or at leisure in the environment.

Other cover

If your UAV or drone has to make an emergency landing or crashes into someone’s property or piece of land, the trespassers cost as part of the hull damage insurance policy would cover for any damage to crops or property in trying to retrieve the drone.

Has a crash or accident and your drone is being repaired.  We offer reasonable hire charges whilst yours is being repaired so you can complete the job.

Doing projects overseas? We have you covered with our Worldwide UAV Quadcopter Insurance options.


DRONEGUARD Insurance has extensive experience in the insurance industry; specifically drone insurance.

Our insurance policies comply with the EC 785/2004 regulation as required by the Irish Aviation Authority.

We provide insurance that covers loss and damage to not only drones, but associated equipment and any property that may be damaged by your drone.

Your insurance cover applies for high risk operating environments including over water.

You can get quick online quotes through our fast quote system, allowing you to select or even build the policy that works best for you and instantly get your quote.

If you need expert advice or consultation before picking your policy, our experienced team are available to listen to your requirements and discuss the policy with you.

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