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Using drones for monitoring

Drones are starting to be used to monitor different aspects of life from humans to animals.  Whether you are monitoring a large event, illegal activity or the progress of a project gaining a great aerial view of it will put you on the front foot.

As always we can help you source the correct insurance for your operations if you are going to be using your UAV’s for monitoring purposes.  Your commercial operation needs the right cover in place.  We can start off with public liability insurance which will make you legal to fly and then look at adding on some additional covers such as drone damage and more to make sure you can get on with your job.

Let’s take a look below at some of the areas which are seeing the benefits of using drones for monitoring purposes.

Traffic Monitoring

Drones could be used to monitor road traffic and collect data and improve things like traffic flow.  This sort of technology has started to be used in some Asian countries.

Railway monitoring

Unmanned aircraft are also used to monitor railways for regular maintenance to structures and buildings on the railway and even after incidents.  They are used as a cost effective way of monitoring roofs, bridges, communication towers and masts.  The data gathered by a drone helps railway companies better manage these to stop any future danger.

Wildlife tracking and monitoring

Drones can be used to monitor the health of different animal species as well as help catch illegal poachers.  With the use of a drone you can see a lot further afield as well as create lasting evidence using the on board camera features.

Natural catastrophes

Drones can be used after major catastrophic incidents including floods, storms, tsunamis and even earthquakes.  They can be used to monitor the current situation and after the event.  Some of the common uses include helping emergency services by planning resource efficiently by accessing hard to reach areas.  After the event they can be used to monitor the after effects as well as proving data to companies like insurers to help pay out claims .

Perimeter monitoring

Drones are being used for their ability to scale large areas in conjunction with staff on the ground directing them to areas which need to be attended quickly.  Security teams in charge of perimeters and borders are finding drones useful for this task.  Another area where this is being used is in prisons to help prison officers control and monitor secure areas.

Oil and gas monitoring

The oil and gas industry are seeing UAV use increase dramatically with them being used for tasks on and offshore.   Drones are being used to help different situations like oil pipeline monitoring to prevent any illegal activities such as theft or vandalism.  Other uses can include asset monitoring and repositioning to help get a better view of large and heavy vessels.

Monitoring of large events like music festivals and sports events

We are starting to see more events being monitored by drones including music festivals such as Coachella and even some football matches.  Having an eye in the sky is very helpful for crowd management we can help security and the police see a lot more from the air.  The drones could be operated by the police directly if authorised or a security company may even hire in a third party operator with all the correct credentials.

What type of drones are being used for monitoring purposes?

What type of drone you select all depends on the type of job you will be completing.  Both multi-rotor and fixed wing drones are and can be used for monitoring purposes.

Some of the benefits of multi rotors can include better camera stability when flying which is great if you need to capture high resolution images for traffic monitoring or security reasons.  The cost of multi rotor drone is a lot more affordable meaning you could have a few drones monitoring multiple places for the cost of a fixed wing.

Fixed wing drones will be used if there is a need to cover bigger sections of land over a shorter period of time creating a massive linear flight advantage.  As long as you can fly beyond visual line of sight an example could be monitoring a pipeline which stretches for miles.  Flight times are substantially longer as the wing is creating lift as opposed to the propellers meaning longer flight times from a single battery.

Some of the popular drones makes and models include, DJI matrice 210, Aeryon Skyranger and Intel Falcon 8.

What are the insurance requirements for drones being used for monitoring?

If you are using drones for work you must undertake the correct training and have all the correct permissions in place to operate in the country you are working.

National aviation authorities require commercial operators to be registered and each country has a different process of applying and proving the pilots competency.  In the UK the civil aviation authority (CAA) is the national aviation authority and they require operators to have a recognised qualification and apply for a permission for commercial operation (PFCO).

One last thing to consider is having the right insurance cover in place.  Under EU regulation 785/2004 it is a legal requirement to have third party bodily injury insurance.

Our specialist drone policy has been designed for commercial operators and meets all the regulatory requirements making you compliant with the correct laws.

There may be other insurance which you can opt for as well such as drone damage if you have 1 drone or a fleet of drones.